First of all, we need to understand the difference between the two. 3 way speaker system consist combination of tweeter(high frequency), mid range (mid frequency) and mid bass (lower frequency) with crossover to split up frequencies between speakers. While 2 way system consists combination of only tweeter as high and mid bass as low with crossover.⠀

3 way system has fuller sound across each frequency resulting better surround and clarity inside the cabin. While it was being said, 2 way has its own advantages, much simpler system, and lesser distortion between frequencies. Overall:⠀

3 way system:⠀


✅Fuller surround sound⠀

✅Improve interior look thru customised pillar⠀

2 way system:⠀

✅Good Sound for daily (less distortion)⠀

✅Simple system⠀

✅Simple OEM look⠀

There are just too many factors to actually decide which system is better. It’s not really comparing apple to apple. It’s more like..which is more suitable to your taste? What kind of music you like? How you want to listen to it? What’s your budget? etc...⠀

That’s why it’s important for us,@megaaudio_jakartato test different types of speaker system for clients so they could choose according to their taste. If you are looking at much complex system and sound quality, you could take up the 3 way system. However if you are listening music for daily use, then 2 way system is more than enough.